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Ye Ol Tide Mill
circa 1850's

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OLD/reggieonnpatrolage2.jpg OLD/lookingeast.jpg OLD/datebookcover.jpg OLD/hereandthere1970.jpg
OLD/hereandthere.jpg OLD/oldrailway.jpg OLD/boatinrailway.jpg OLD/1958mobilad.jpg
OLD/TyronePower.jpg OLD/t2.jpg OLD/t1.jpg OLD/t7.jpg
OLD/t6.jpg OLD/t5.jpg OLD/t4.jpg OLD/miss1rhiengold.jpg


Top photo - Mill circa 1850's (note mill water wheel on pond side at dam)

1st row (l-r) - Reggie on patrol!, looking southeast prefill, datebook photo, old pond/gate walkway

2nd row (l-r) - old stones early 1970's,  old railway, boat in railway, Mobil Oil ad 1950's 

3rd row (l-r) -Tyrone Powers ad,  behind house pre fill, whale boat launch, Miss reingold ad,

 4th row (l-r) - main dock late 40's, old ford car ad, 1949 ad photo, Miss reingold

5th row (l-r) - H. Brooks Boardman in the early days with his catch

Have an old picture of Tide Mill? - Send it to us so we can post it. - thanks!

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