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APRIL 1, 2018 Volume 46 Issue 4


Another winter for the record books! And, wouldn’t you know it, Ol Man Winter stole our usual March break—again! Usually, we get a week or so to get the yard set up. So far the weather has not cooperated and we have had 4 significant nor’easter weather events to deal with! In the meantime, thinking positively, we are prepping the docks and taking off winter covers!


O With all that, I can optimistically say to everyone now calling and asking "When's MY boat going to be ready?", that we are on schedule for a great July 4th kickoff weekend!!!!!!*


O On a more serious note, weather permitting, our staff will be working overtime, including Saturdays, during the month of April, in an effort to complete all commissioning ASAP.




O Please return your SPRING COMMISSIONING CHECKLIST if you have not already done so.


O As a reminder, Tide Mill's seasonal storage contracts end April 30th and September 30th respectively.  Any customer not storing their boat at Tide Mill year round will be charged a pro-rated storage fee for extra time at the yard.


O Here's to some good weather eventually, a productive commissioning schedule  and fair sailing (generic) ahead!! It’s actually pretty exciting to think we will be boating sooner than later!!



O THINKSPRINGSUNSHINE         (*April Fools!)


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