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July 1, 2019 Volume 47 Issue 7


The Summer of ‘19 is underway and, with a few exceptions, has been enjoyed by all. In addition to our best wishes to everyone for a safe 4th of July, please note the following:


OFFICE HOURS:  Monday – Friday 8am to 4:30pm, (Please – no house calls).


FUEL DOCK – Monday – Friday – 8am – 3:30pm.,  Tide Mill Customers can call  by mid week and we will fuel up your boat for you and have it ready to go for the weekend! (Please note — only a limited # of requests can be handled so call early)


TIDE TABLES:  New 2019 tide tables are available in the office or at tidemill.com


OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS:  Please inform any outside contractors that may be working on your boat that a Certificate of Insurance MUST be on file with Tide Mill PRIOR to any work being performed.  In addition, all contractors must sign in and out each time they come to the yard to work on your boat. There can be no exceptions to the insurance rule.


SHIPS SUPPLIES:   Any special order can be made from our suppliers catalogue and delivered free the next day to your boat! Just give us a call!


CHANNEL MARKERS:  The channel markers have been placed to mark the banks of the channel. For the safest route, please stay in the middle of the channel as marked. Boats drawing 5ft or more should try and avoid dead low times. Also, avoid the fuel dock area at low tide!!


ID TAGS:  Complimentary ID tags are available in the office to identify your hoses, power lines, etc. Please respect your neighbors property and use your own hose.


GOING FISHING??:  Anglers age 16 years of age and older need to enroll in New York's recreational marine fishing registry if they are going to fish NY waters. Visit the state web site for more info - http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/54950.html.


HURRICANE SEASON   is here and the experts are again calling for a few doozies! Before they hit, please consider extra lines, chafing gear, adequate and functional bilge pumps, good batteries, extra fenders, remove all non permanent items from the deck and most importantly, contact Tide Mill if you need us to check your vessel.


PLEASE  note that some people are overnighting on their boats at the dock. When entering the marina at night please avoid loud radios, yodeling, or engine revving so as to not disturb the dreamers!


FLOAT PLANS are important! Please remember to file one with the office so we can find you in an emergency!


PUMPOUT BOAT—register online at www.eastnorwalkblue.org


191 Kirby Lane, Rye, NY 10580
914-967-2995 office
914-967-2999 - fax
Established 1972
Serving Rye's boaters for 47 years!
"We Love Your Boat"