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August 1, 2019 Volume 47 Issue 8

We're having fun now! Just about everybody at Tide Mill has been enjoying themselves with some nice weather! We do miss a few of you and hope to see those who haven't been here in a while real soon! . As usual, please note the following!
OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday 8am to 3:00pm, (Please - no house or boat calls). After hours, please use the "Boat Notes" pad located in the silver mailbox by the office door for your requests for service and comments or email us at tidemill@gmail.com. Weekend notes will be handled first thing Monday. Also, please note there is limited mechanical and fuel service in August.

DID YOU KNOW?.... Marine Fishing Registry-annual registry
All anglers fishing in the marine and coastal district waters or the Hudson River and its tributaries for "migratory fish of the sea" (e.g. striped bass) must enroll in the no-fee recreational Marine Fishing Registry. The marine and coastal district includes all waters of the Atlantic Ocean within three nautical miles from the coast ands all other tidal waters within the state, including the Hudson River up to the Cuomo Bridge.

OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS: Please inform any outside contractors that may be working on your boat that a Certificate of Insurance MUST be on file with Tide Mill PRIOR to any work being performed. In addition, all contractors must sign in and out each time they come to the yard to work on your boat. There can be no exceptions to the insurance rule and all contractors must follow NYS BMP guidelines.

SHIPS STORE: Need something for the boat? We usually can have it delivered on your boat in 24 hours from one of our many distributors. Just give the office a call. SPECIAL AUGUST SALE 25% OFF on all items in stock in AUGUST! Need a spare horn or updated flares?

Did you just feel a chill?!?..... Please note the return date of September 15th for
Winter Contracts which will be sent out shortly.

PUMP OUTS! If you need a pump out, the EastNorwalkBlue boat can do it-there is no fee. Go online and sign up for a pump out and the boat will come to Tide Mill!! (eastnorwalkblue.org).

191 Kirby Lane, Rye, NY 10580
914-967-2995 office
914-967-2999 - fax
Established 1972
Serving Rye's boaters for 47 years!
"We Love Your Boat"